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Revive Spa Amenities

Experience the tranquility of our day spa in Phoenix, AZ, surrounded by the beauty of the Sonoran Desert.

To book a spa cabana, Click Here and select Revive Spa.   

Revive Spa is currently underway on a refresh project.  Men's steam room, sauna and indoor whirlpool are closed.

Featured Offers
  • Turquoise Ritual - Celebrating Our 20th Anniversary

    In this healing ritual that uses the ancient wisdom of the Native American people, the energies of the sacred turquoise gemstones offer a deeply relaxing experience for body and soul. Begin with a mineral-rich Turquoise Sage Desert Salt Body Polish to cleanse and awaken the skin followed by a cocoon wrap with a Turquoise Sage Desert Clay Body Mask enriched with a subtle blend of essential oils and the energy of turquoise. The ritual continues with a balancing and re-hydrating full-body application with Jojoba Body Butter. Finally, experience an energy ritual using desert sage to cleanse the aura and turquoise gemstones to strengthen and balance the body and spirit.

    Summer Special

    Purely Botanical Facial - 50 minutes from $209*

    Experience this biodynamic, hypoallergenic and rejuvenating treatment derived from the purest ingredients Mother Nature can produce. This facial contains herbal extracts and restorative botanicals to gently refine your complexion. Come experience 30% more antioxidants 50% more nutrients and 47% more Vitamin C to keep your skin glowing using Eminence products.

Revive Spa Bistro
Our Revive day spa in Phoenix contains the delicious Spa Bistro. Our dedicated spa chef utilizes worldly flavors not often found in today's cuisine. Each dish will treat your palate to fresh ingredients, herbs picked from our garden and unique flavor combinations. The Spa Bistro serves Mediterranean cuisine focused breakfast and lunch, as well as beer and wine options. Opt for a cozy indoor table, or sit outside and enjoy the views of the Sanctuary Pool, cabanas and towering palm trees at our luxury spa hotel.